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Turn Trash Into Cash: Make Money Recycling Stuff at Home

Recycling unwanted items around your home is an excellent way to make extra money while doing good for the planet. With some time and effort, that pile of clutter in your garage or basement could be turned into cold hard cash.

This comprehensive guide will provide tips on how to capitalize on recycling by identifying valuable items, best places to sell, maximizing profits, and turning your money-making hobby into a consistent side-hustle.


The average American household throws away over 1,200 pounds of trash per year, much of which could have been recycled or resold. With space in landfills running out across the country, it’s more important than ever to reduce waste and give used goods new life. Not only is recycling good for the environment, but it can also make you some extra green in your wallet!

Sorting through old possessions and trash to identify valuable finds is an addictive treasure hunt. By tapping into the thriving secondhand market, your unwanted stuff can be exchanged for cash either online or at local shops and scrappers. With some time invested, you can declutter your home while padding your income at the same time.

This guide will cover everything you need to know to successfully turn trash into cash, including:

  • What household items can be recycled for money
  • Best places and platforms to resell items
  • How to maximize your profits on recycled goods
  • Turning recycling into a side-hustle
  • Answers to frequently asked questions

Follow the tips outlined in this article and you’ll be on your way to making bank from recycling at home!

Household Items That Can Be Recycled for Money

Many everyday items that are seen as junk or end up in the trash could actually generate decent money on the resale market. Here are some of the most common categories with the best potential return:


Used electronics can net big bucks if they are in working condition. Quality stereo equipment, speakers, laptops, tablets, and game consoles often retain much of their original value, even when gently used. Fixer-upper electronics are also sought after by tinkerers.

Smartphones, MP3 players, and cameras may not fetch as high of prices, but are in such high demand that selling them is still worth your time. Remove any personal information and factory reset devices before selling.

Appliances and Housewares

Quality stoves, fridges, microwaves and other appliances have significant resale value, even if they need minor repairs. Also be on the lookout for high-end kitchenware, furniture, decor, lighting, and barware that is in good condition. Popular items include Le Creuset cookware, Herman Miller chairs, vintage bar carts, mid-century lamps, etc. Less expensive but still profitable categories include flatware sets, glassware, organizers, artwork, rugs and unused candles.

Jewelry and Watches

Real jewelry made of precious metals like gold and silver has excellent recycling potential even if broken or lacking stones. Costume jewelry can still command decent resale prices for popular brands like Chanel, Dior and luxury designers. Luxury watches like Rolex, Cartier and Omega watches often increase in value over time. Research brands and markings for authenticity.

Designer Fashion and Accessories

Quality clothing, shoes, handbags and accessories from coveted luxury designers are ideal for consigning or reselling. High-end brands like Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Christian Louboutin, Burberry and Chanel will get you top dollar, even if they are gently used. More affordable brands like J.Crew, Anthropologie and Coach also have good resale value for like-new items.

Sporting Goods

Outdoor gear like tents, packs, skis, snowboards, bikes and kayaks hold value, especially from leading brands. Golf clubs, tennis rackets, baseball mitts and other quality sports equipment is easily sold secondhand as well. Weights, exercise equipment, bikes and sports memorabilia also have enthusiastic markets willing to pay decent money.

Toys and Games

Vintage toys from the 80s, 90s or early 2000s can be worth a ton, especially if still in packaging. Popular examples include Star Wars, Beanie Babies, Cabbage Patch Kids, board games and Lego sets. Brand new unopened games and puzzles are also sought after. Check your attic – that box of dusty old toys could fund your next vacation!


Old and rare books are highly collectible, especially first editions and titles signed by the author. Vintage cookbooks, children’s books and niche hobby manuals can also command great prices. Textbooks less than a few years old and general hardcover/paperback fiction have decent resale value too.


CDs, DVDs, Blu-Rays, and vinyl records that are lightly used or unopened can easily be sold to media resellers, depending on the title. Vintage vinyl from the 60s, 70s and 80s can be especially lucrative for popular artists. Check your attic for crates of old records gathering dust! Video game cartridges, especially for older systems like Nintendo, Sega and PlayStation also attract buyers.

Best Places to Resell Recycled Household Items

Once you’ve identified valuable household items to part with, it’s time to focus on where to sell them for maximum profit. Here are some of the best platforms:

Online Marketplaces

General marketplaces like eBay and Craigslist make it easy to resell all kinds of household items to buyers around the world. Specialized platforms like Poshmark and TheRealReal focus on clothing and accessories. Decluttr, Gazelle and ItsWorthMore offer quotes for electronics and media.

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Social Media

Facebook Marketplace and local community groups help connect with nearby buyers. Instagram and TikTok can also aid selling, using relevant hashtags and mentions. Participate in “garage sale” groups on Facebook where people frequently sell secondhand finds.

Niche Websites

Certain niches like antiques, coins, stamps, and fine art may be best sold through specialized auction houses and collector websites, who attract engaged enthusiasts willing to pay premium prices for rare items. Research to find reputable websites that fit your items.

Consignment Shops

Brick-and-mortar consignment, resale and antique stores are ideal for easily selling local. They handle photographing, marketing and vetting buyers for a cut of the final sale price. Look for higher-end shops specializing in your item category, like audio equipment, luxury fashion, sports memorabilia, etc.

Pawn Shops

A quick and convenient option for in-person appraisals and immediate cash payouts. Best for items like electronics, jewelry, musical instruments, firearms and power tools. Expect to receive about 30-50% of retail value.

Scrappers and Recyclers

Scrappers will purchase bulk metals like copper wiring and precious metals by weight, as well as discarded electronics and appliances to harvest for parts or materials. Can generate decent money for larger volumes without the work of reselling individual items.

Maximizing Profits on Your Recycled Goods

Follow these key tips to ensure you’re making the most money possible on the household items you recycle:

  • Research Prices Thoroughly – Use eBay and specialty marketplace filters to see real sales data. Search sold listings on marketplace sites to confirm actual selling prices for your make and model. Reference collector forums and websites to learn what enthusiasts will pay.
  • Invest Time In Listings – Well-lit, high-quality photos, detailed descriptions highlighting features/benefits and strong keywords will maximize views and bids. Be honest about condition and flaws.
  • Learn To Negotiate – Don’t jump at lowball offers or initial quotes. Counter with research-backed pricing. Suggest bundle discounts for multiple items to close sales. Say you have other interested buyers to prompt action.
  • Leverage Social Media – Create posts showcasing items on platforms where your network will engage. Run promotions for items that aren’t moving. Market broadly across Facebook, Instagram, Craigslist groups, etc.
  • Time Strategically – Weekend afternoons and evenings are peak browsing times for many buyers. Schedule new listings and promotions accordingly. Avoid listing right before holidays when buying drops.
  • Price On The High End – You can always accept reasonable offers later, but you can’t increase an initially low list price. Price on the upper end of your research to leave room for negotiation.
  • ** Bundle To Boost Value** – Combining associated items, like full electronics sets or jewelry suites, can command higher bundled pricing due to increased convenience and desirability.
  • Provide Value-Added Services – Offer fast shipping, local meetups, delivery, gift-wrapping, tech support, sizing exchanges and other incentives to increase attractiveness of your listings over competitors.
  • Know When To Hold or Fold – If an item won’t realistically sell over its high listing fees and long time to sell, donate or recycle it instead. Focus efforts on pieces with confirmed resale demand.

Turning Trash Into Cash as a Side Hustle

Once you get the hang of selling your recycled household items for profit, consider turning trash into cash as an ongoing endeavor. Here are some tips for developing it into a consistent side hustle:

  • Start Small and Experiment – Try selling a few items at first using different platforms and methods. See what categories and approaches net you the most profit to focus and scale up.
  • Set Up Accounts and Profiles – Open reseller accounts on leading marketplaces, consignment platforms and auction sites. Create unified branding and profiles across your channels with great photos and descriptions.
  • Develop Efficient Systems – Organize your inventory and streamline processing using tracking programs, databases, dedicated storage and assembly lines for photographing, cataloging and shipping items.
  • Build Relationships With Vendors – Frequent antique stores, estate sales, thrift shops, scrappers and manufacturers. Become a trusted reseller partner over time and gain access to bulk buying and better pricing. Offer to buy out full lots and estates.
  • Specialize In Niches – Zero in on a few categories where you develop extensive expertise like classic cars, mid-century furniture, sports cards, couture fashion, etc. Become known as a thought leader in your niches.
  • Advertise Locally – Promote your growing resale business through local papers, Craigslist, radio ads, flea markets, and community boards. Offering recycling services can provide additional income streams and sources of inventory.
  • Go Pro With Licensing, Storage and Transportation – As the business scales, obtain necessary permits, licenses and zoning. Secure warehouse space, trucks or vans for increased inventory and delivery capabilities.
  • Automate And Outsource – Hire assistants to photograph, process orders, manage listings and ship out packages to speed operations. Use analytics software to optimize SEO and sales conversions.

With some grit and hustle, that pile of rejected household items destined for the landfill could end up providing a great side income and a cleaner home and planet!

Frequently Asked Questions

Still have some questions? Here are answers to some of the most common inquiries about turning trash into treasure through recycling:

Where are the best places to start making money recycling household items?

Great places to start are clearing out your garage, attic, closets and storage spaces for quality items to resell. Also try Facebook Marketplace and Craigslist for fast sales. If you want to scale up, frequent thrift stores, estate sales and auctions to find discounted items to flip at a markup.

What household items have the best resale value?

Electronics, appliances, jewelry, designer clothing/bags, antiques/collectibles, sports memorabilia, musical instruments and vintage toys tend to retain value and generate the highest resale prices in good condition.

How much money can I really make recycling household items?

It depends on your volume, proficiency and categories, but expect between $20-$50 profit on small electronics, $50-$300 on larger appliances and electronics, and over $1000 on rare antiques, luxury items and valuables like jewelry when sold at optimal prices. With enough volume across categories, you could earn over $1,000 per month or more.

Is it better to sell locally or online?

Online reach is massive but takes more work in listings and shipping. Locally is quicker but has limited demand. Use a mix – try selling high-value niche collectibles online to maximize exposure and easily shipped goods locally to save time and hassle.

How do I determine the value of items I want to resell?

Check comparable prices of sold listings on eBay and other marketplaces. Search collector forums for enthusiasts willing to pay premium prices. Auction house archives give past sale prices for collectibles. Get appraisals from experts for rare, vintage or luxury pieces where worth is hard to determine.

How much time does running a recycling resale business take?

Expect to invest 10-20 hours per week at minimum at the start. You’ll need regular time sourcing inventory at sales, thrift stores and auctions, photographing and cataloging finds, managing listings, packing orders and delivering local sales. Efficiency improves over time with experience and systems.

Is specialized equipment needed?

For small volumes, just household tools, packing materials, a camera, tape and printer for labels is fine. For larger operations, invest in shelving/racks, photography lighting, bins, packing stations, thermal printers, shipping software/scales and transportation like a van.

What are the main challenges?

Picking valuable items takes practice and dealing with buyers can be frustrating. Storage space fills up fast as inventory grows. Time to prep, photograph and ship orders is extensive for online sales. Marketing and competing with major resellers takes effort. Risk getting stuck with items that don’t sell.

Can I really make this a viable side business?

Absolutely! Many people profitably operate local pickup and online resale businesses full time after starting small. Focus on unique items in high-value niche collectible markets combined with high-efficiency practices. Let your passion drive expertise in highly specialized categories for maximum profitability.

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