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Slack Off and Get Paid: Making Money While Avoiding Real Work

Have you ever wished you could make money without actually having to work hard? Many of us dream of getting paid well to relax and slack off. While it may seem too good to be true, there are actually ways to earn an income while avoiding strenuous work.

This comprehensive guide will explore clever and creative strategies for making money while barely lifting a finger. We’ll cover time-tested methods as well as new, exciting ideas. Read on to learn how you can slack off and still get paid!

Why Making Money While Avoiding Work Appeals to Many

Before diving into specific tactics, let’s first understand why the idea of making money while avoiding real work is so appealing. There are several key reasons:

Escape the Daily Grind

Most jobs require commitment, focus, and consistent effort day after day. The daily grind of commuting to a workplace, working set hours, and exerting mental and physical energy can become tiring and tedious over time. Many dream of escaping this rat race. The ability to earn income passively with minimal effort provides freedom from the grind.

Gain More Leisure Time

When you can slack off and still earn money, you gain extra free time for leisure and recreation. You can spend time on hobbies, travel, or just relaxing. More leisure time enhances quality of life.

Financial Security

Passive income streams provide financial security since money keeps rolling in even when you’re slacking off. This gives peace of mind and flexibility to do what you want.

Early Retirement

Generating multiple passive income streams can potentially allow full retirement at a much earlier age. Who wouldn’t want to retire early while still earning income?

Be Your Own Boss

Making money from passive sources allows you to be your own boss. You can work on your own schedule, from anywhere in the world. This provides freedom and autonomy.

Now that we understand why earning money while avoiding work is so desirable, let’s look at practical strategies for making it happen!

Effective Strategies for Generating Passive Income Streams

Here are powerful, proven methods for earning ongoing income with minimal physical or mental exertion on your part:

Investing in Dividend Stocks

One of the most established paths to passive income is buying shares of stocks that pay steady dividends. As a shareholder, you get paid dividends on a regular basis (typically quarterly) just for owning the stock.

All you have to do is use a brokerage firm to purchase shares of dividend-yielding stocks, bonds, mutual funds, ETFs, and other assets. Then you’ll earn dividend payments without having to actively trade or manage the stocks. Popular dividend stocks include Coca-Cola (KO), Johnson & Johnson (JNJ), and Procter & Gamble (PG).

Over time, reinvesting dividends allows your money to grow exponentially through the power of compounding. With dividend stocks, you can slack off and watch your money work for you!

Investing in Real Estate

Another way to generate mostly passive income is by investing in real estate. There are several approaches:

  • Become a landlord by buying rental properties. You earn rental income each month with minimal effort beyond basic property management.
  • Invest in real estate investment trusts (REITs). REITs allow you to earn income from real estate assets without having to physically purchase properties.
  • Invest in a real estate syndication by pooling funds with others to buy larger commercial properties. A property management company handles most of the work.

Real estate investments can provide ongoing cash flow if you leverage property managers to do the day-to-day landlord work. The income streams require little effort on your part.

Building an Online Business

The internet has opened up many new opportunities to earn income passively online. With an online business, you put in the upfront work to get it started, then generate income indefinitely with minimal ongoing effort. Popular online business ideas include:

  • Create a membership site – Provide training courses, online tools, forums, exclusive content and more to members who pay a monthly or annual subscription fee.
  • Sell digital products – Create informational products like eBooks, online courses, guides and more, then sell them 24/7 through your own site.
  • Start a dropshipping business – Sell products shipped directly from wholesalers to customers, without you handling any inventory.
  • Monetize a blog – Earn ad revenue, sponsorships, and affiliate income from blog content. Outsource writing once established.
  • Rent out assets – Let others rent assets like RVs, storage space, parking spaces, equipment and more.

An online business takes effort to launch, but can then largely run itself and earn you money 24/7/365.

Generating Royalty Income

Royalties provide ongoing passive income from assets you create once. Examples include:

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  • Write an eBook – Earn royalties when readers purchase your eBook online. Kindle Direct Publishing handles distribution.
  • Record music – Get performance royalties when your music is played on the radio, streamed online, used in TV/film, performed live, etc.
  • License art/photos – Upload your images to a stock photo site like Shutterstock where others pay to license them.
  • Invent a product – Invent useful products and earn royalties from ongoing patent licensing fees, manufacture, and sales.
  • Develop apps/software – Create mobile apps, plugins, or SaaS software and earn licensing fees and royalties.

With royalties, you avoid actively trading time for money. You create an asset once, then benefit from income streams over time.

Lending Money

You can earn returns while avoiding work by lending out your excess capital:

  • Peer-to-peer lending – Lend to individuals and businesses through P2P sites like Prosper and LendingClub.
  • High interest savings accounts – Open accounts with online banks like CIT Bank that pay high interest rates on savings deposits.
  • Invest in loans – Invest in bundles of loans with sites like Yieldstreet that generate interest income.
  • Lend to family/friends – Offer personal loans to trustworthy people you know at favorable interest rates.

Lending money leverages your capital to produce passive interest income with minimal time investment beyond initial underwriting.

Monetizing Existing Assets

Look at existing assets you already own and find ways to monetize them:

  • Rent out extra rooms – Use a service like Airbnb to rent unused rooms to travelers and earn rental income.
  • Rent out parking spaces – Rent out driveway, garage, or other parking spaces you are not using.
  • Rent out storage space – Offer spare attics, basements, sheds, or closets for people to store items and pay monthly.
  • Lease out equipment – Allow others in your community to rent equipment like lawn mowers, ladders, trailers, tools, ATVs, etc.
  • Sell crafts/products – Sell homemade items on Etsy or local markets when you have spare time.
  • Wrap your car – Allow ads to be placed on your vehicle with companies like Carvertise who pay monthly.

Looking at existing assets with fresh eyes can reveal many possibilities to monetize them and boost income.

Investing in Yourself

Making strategic investments in yourself can increase your earning potential over the long run:

  • Get specialized training/education – Develop valuable skills that allow you to command higher income for less time and effort.
  • Build your professional network – Get to know influential people who can unlock bigger opportunities requiring less work on your part.
  • Develop multiple income streams – Create a diversified mix of income sources so you have the flexibility to slack off if needed.
  • Negotiate favorable contracts/terms – Structure your business relationships smartly so you maximize income for minimal exertion.

Investing in your earning potential gives you leverage to slack off more down the road!

Utilizing Automation to Do the Work for You

Automating aspects of your income streams enables them to run with little effort on your part. Smart use of technology is key to slacking off while still earning. Here are impactful forms of automation:

  • Leverage apps/tools – Apps like Quicken, Mint, and Digit can automatically manage finances and investments. Property management tools can automate rental income.
  • Use smart devices – Smart home devices like WiFi-enabled lights, thermostats, cameras, locks and more allow remote monitoring and control.
  • Enable automatic payments – Services like PayPal, Stripe, Square and RECUR allow automatic collection of subscription fees and payments.
  • Set up direct deposits – Have income sources directly deposited into your accounts. Set automatic transfers to route funds.
  • Automate social media – Use tools like Buffer and Hootsuite to schedule social media updates in bulk.
  • Outsource tasks – Hire freelancers online through Fiverr and Upwork to fulfill tasks that arise.
  • Employ virtual assistants – Hire remote assistants to handle administrative, research, customer service and operational tasks.

When you automate workflows and outsource tasks, you minimize your own effort while maximizing income.

Overcoming Obstacles: Maintaining Focus and Accountability

While the idea of getting paid to slack off sounds fantastic, it does present challenges. When your time is unstructured and accountability is low, it can be difficult to actually complete income-generating tasks. Here are tips to overcome obstacles:

  • Set a schedule– Even if you have flexibility, create structure and deadlines to assign time to your income streams.
  • Eliminate distractions– Work in quiet spaces with limited distractions to maintain focus on important tasks. Disable distracting phone notifications.
  • Find accountability partners– Share your progress and setbacks with people who will hold you accountable to making consistent progress.
  • Break it into small steps– Overwhelming projects stall progress. Break it down into tiny, manageable steps. Accomplish at least one small step daily.
  • Track and measure – Use metrics like income targets, traffic, conversion rates, rankings and more to gauge progress. Tracking propels action.
  • Keep bigger purpose in mind – Maintain motivation and drive by frequently revisiting your WHY. The freedom and flexibility making money from slacking provides!

With the right mindset and discipline, you can slack off while still reliably earning from the assets and systems you’ve created.

Putting it All Together: Top 5 Ways to Realistically Make Money While Avoiding Work

If you want to start slacking off while collecting income streams, here are 5 of the most realistic strategies to pursue:

  1. Invest in dividend stocks – Use an online broker to build a portfolio of dividend-paying stocks, funds, and REITS that provide steady quarterly income. Reinvest dividends for compound growth.
  2. Launch an online business – Leverage skills to create an online store, info products, subscriptions or services that earn income 24/7. Streamline and outsource tasks.
  3. Rent out a property – Hire a property manager to handle day-to-day renting of a property you own while you collect monthly rental income.
  4. Invest in yourself – Use training and education to increase your income potential, so you can work less while maintaining income.
  5. Lend money – Loan money via peer-to-peer lending networks or privately at favorable interest rates to earn passive interest.

The combination of multiple income streams and automation allows you to maximize your earnings while minimizing your effort. Slacking off while getting paid IS possible!

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: How much money can I realistically make while avoiding work?

Answer: Income potential varies widely based on the strategies used and capital invested. Some methods like ad revenue from a blog or small equipment rental may generate supplemental income of a few hundred per month. Owning rental properties or dividend stock portfolios can potentially generate thousands per month. High end online businesses, patents, software or apps can generate tens of thousands monthly. Generally income potential scales up based on upfront effort invested. With multiple streams, incomes of $5,000+ monthly are quite realistic.

Question: Won’t I get bored without having a regular job?

Answer: Boredom is certainly a risk, but there are lots of ways to remain productive and engaged without a formal job: focus on hobbies, spend more time with family and friends, travel to new places, take online classes, volunteer for a cause, work on passion projects, master new skills, and more. And with the income still flowing in, you have the flexibility to go back to work if you choose.

Question: What if my income streams dry up? Is having multiple backups important?

Answer: Dependence on a single income stream carries risk. Multiple diverse income sources provide more security. If one stream declines or disappears, others can compensate. Mixing active and passive income is also wise so you have the option to earn actively again if needed. Proper savings habits also buffer against potential income disruptions.

Question: How much time does it take to set up the income streams before I can start slacking off?

Answer: It takes considerable effort upfront to get income streams aligned before adopting a more passive role. How much time depends greatly on the methods. For example, an online course may take 200+ hours initially. Rental property could take 20+ hours. Stocks around 5 hours. Automate processes whenever possible to allow you to step away sooner. Be ready to invest time first in order to slack later.

Question: Is this get rich quick? What are realistic expectations?

Answer: Not at all! Building any passive income stream takes consistent, diligent effort over an extended period before it gains momentum. While seductive, get rich quick schemes that promise easy money rarely pan out. Maintain realistic expectations and think long term. Avoid shortcuts that seem too good be true. Sustainable income from slacking comes from providing real value consistently over time. Stay patient and persistent.


While completely avoiding work is likely not realistic or healthy long-term, establishing diverse income streams can provide the freedom to slack off occasionally and define work on your own terms.

Utilizing the powerful income generation strategies and automation tips covered in this guide, you can build a portfolio of passive revenue sources that allow you to relax and slack while still earning.

With smart planning and consistent effort upfront to establish assets and systems, you can enjoy leisure and recreation time while covered financially – the best of both worlds!

The key is having multiple low-maintenance income streams so your money keeps working even when you are slacking. Now get out there and start slacking off while getting paid!

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