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Side Hustle Maximus: Ideas for Beginners to Make $1000 per Month Online

Are you looking to make some extra money online but not sure where to start? A side hustle can be a great way to supplement your income while doing something you enjoy. With the right strategy, you can realistically make $1000 or more per month with a side gig.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll provide 42 realistic side hustle ideas for beginners that can generate $1000+ in monthly income, along with tips to get started. Whether you want to leverage skills you already have or learn something new, you’ll discover proven ways to monetize your passions on the side.

Crafting a Side Hustle Game Plan

Before diving into specific business ideas, it’s important to Lay the groundwork for side hustle success:

  • Set income goals. Determine how much you want to make per month from your side gig ($1000 minimum recommended). This will focus your efforts.
  • Calculate your hourly rate. For a $1000/month goal, you’ll need to charge around $25/hour if working part-time. Price services accordingly.
  • Dedicate time. Realistically you may need to dedicate 10+ hours per week, especially when starting out. Block time for your side hustle.
  • Leverage skills and interests. Brainstorm marketable skills you already have or topics you’re passionate about learning. This increases enjoyment and expertise.
  • Promote aggressively. Don’t rely on passive income at first. Be proactive with marketing and outreach to gain momentum.
  • Track income and expenses. Use a spreadsheet or accounting software to monitor your side hustle finances and optimize profitability.

With the right expectations and strategy, your side hustle can become a lucrative income stream. Now let’s explore ideas!

1. Online Teaching and Tutoring

With the rise of remote learning, teaching English, music, academic subjects, or skills online is a flexible, rewarding side hustle. You can work with students worldwide without leaving home. Income potential is $20-$100 per hour based on expertise.

Some top platforms to find online students include:

  • VIPKid – Teach English to children in China
  • Wyzant – Online tutoring for academic subjects
  • Chegg Tutors – Get paid to answer student questions online

You’ll need a computer, headset, internet connection, and teaching expertise. Build your profile and ratings to increase credibility and earning potential over time.

2. Freelance Writing

Freelance writing is one of the most accessible online side hustles for beginners. If you can write effectively on a variety of topics, you can find paying clients. Average pay starts around 5-10 cents per word.

Some tips for getting started:

  • Specialize in an industry or niche you know well.
  • Create a portfolio website showcasing writing samples.
  • Reach out to blogs, companies, and publishers pitching your services.
  • List your profile on freelance platforms like Upwork, Flexjobs and Freelancer.

With consistent effort, you can make $1000+ per month writing online. Expand your income by branching into related areas like copywriting, editing, and content marketing.

3. Proofreading and Editing

Closely related to writing, proofreading and editing leverages similar skills with lower barriers to entry. Strong spelling, grammar, and attention to detail are key.

You can start proofreading and editing documents, web pages, e-books, and other content on a freelance basis. Average pay is around 3-5 cents per word. Top requesting industries include academics, publishing, business, and law.

Some sites to find freelance proofreading and editing jobs:

This detail-oriented side hustle is flexible and scalable, with income potential of $1000+ per month.

4. Resume Writing

With the average fee between $100-$300 per resume, a resume writing side hustle can quickly generate a full-time income from part-time hours. You can work remotely helping job seekers perfect and optimize their resumes.

Stand out by specializing in particular fields or seniority levels. Learn how to craft compelling resumes highlighting achievements using metrics and powerful language.

Promote your services through job boards, career centers, LinkedIn, Facebook groups, and your own website. As you build a portfolio of client resumes, more leads will come through referrals.

5. Virtual Assistant Services

If you’re highly organized and skilled with administrative tasks, provide virtual assistant (VA) services to busy clients worldwide. Typical duties include email management, data entry, scheduling, and general admin support.

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The average pay rate for VAs is around $15-$30 per hour. Build expertise to command higher rates over time. Some top requested skills include:

  • Email and calendar management
  • Data entry and analysis
  • Scheduling and bookkeeping
  • Research and making travel arrangements
  • Managing social media accounts

Sign up on sites like Fancy Hands and Worldwide101 to get started. As you gain experience, try directly approaching potential long-term clients.

6. Freelance Graphic Design

If you have creative chops, freelance graphic design can be a high-earning side hustle. Everyone from small businesses to global brands need eye-catching logos, ads, brochures, web graphics, and more designed.

Stand out by specializing in a niche like logo design or social media graphics. Build a visually stunning portfolio website showing off past client work.

Some popular freelance platforms for finding graphic design gigs include:

With the right expertise, it’s realistic to charge $40-$150 per hour or more as a freelance designer.

7. Social Media Management

Every company needs a social media presence these days. With expertise in platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn, you can offer social media management as a service.

Average income potential for social media freelancers is $40-$100 per hour. Typical tasks include:

  • Creating and scheduling daily content
  • Monitoring comments and engagements
  • Running promotions and ads
  • Creating reports for clients
  • Increasing followers and engagement

List your services on sites like Upwork and Fiverr. Reach out to local businesses directly. Expand your service offering over time.

8. Business and Life Coaching

If you love motivating and inspiring others, monetize your people skills with life or business coaching. Apply for certification through the International Coaching Federation.

Start by defining your niche – some options include:

  • Career coaching
  • Leadership coaching
  • Health and wellness coaching
  • Business and marketing coaching

Create coaching packages and charge $100-$300+ per month. Promote through your website, social media, and word-of-mouth referrals. Expand into coaching e-courses over time.

9. Freelance Programming

With skyrocketing demand, freelance programmers can make $50-$150+ per hour. Proficiency in languages like JavaScript, Python, and Java is key. Experience with frameworks like React and Node helps.

List your services on top freelance coding sites:

You can find clients needing help with projects or ongoing web development and maintenance support. Expand your services into related areas like web design and UI/UX.

10. Start a Blog

Launching a blog around your interests and expertise is a classic online side hustle. While profits take time to build, a blog can generate $1000+ in monthly passive income from ads, affiliates, and digital products.

Popular blogging income streams:

  • Display ads – Earn revenue as readers view Google AdSense units on your site.
  • Affiliate marketing – Earn commissions promoting relevant products.
  • Sponsored posts – Get paid by brands to create branded content.
  • Digital products – Sell your own ebooks, courses, or services.

Promote your blog content on social media, forums, email newsletters, and SEO to drive an audience. Follow blogger income disclosure requirements.

11. App or Game Development

While success isn’t guaranteed, developing and monetizing your own apps or games provides passive income potential. Income streams include ads, in-app purchases, and paid downloads.

Leverage app development platforms like:

Promote your app extensively at launch. Pitch your app to relevant bloggers and media outlets. Try running App Store ads. Seeking investments to scale your app is another option.

12. Rent Out a Spare Room

If you have a spare room, renting it out can generate $500-$1000+ in monthly income. Promote the listing through platforms like:

Screen potential renters carefully. Establish rental terms and conditions upfront through a lease agreement. Maintain reasonable privacy, security and expectations sharing your home.

13. Rent Out Your Car

Peer-to-peer car sharing platforms let you rent out your vehicle when you aren’t using it. Earn up to $1000+ per month based on your car’s value and rental demand.

Some top car rental platforms include:

You choose your rental duration, availability, and rates. The platform handles promotion, bookings, insurance, and payments. Just clean and deliver the car to renters.

14. Drive for a Ride Sharing App

Driving for a ride sharing service like Uber or Lyft offers flexible income potential. While results vary, drivers report typical earnings of $15-$25 per hour before expenses.

You’ll need a clean driving record and approved vehicle. Track mileages and expenses using a mileage tracking app like Stride for tax deductions. Work during peak times for the most ride requests. Consider driving bonuses and tips.

15. Deliver Food or Groceries

Similar to ride sharing, delivery apps enable you to earn income using your vehicle. Apps like Uber Eats, DoorDash, Instacart and GoPuff offer flexible delivery gigs.

Earnings vary based on your market and delivery volume. Expect to make $10-$25 per hour on average. Boost income by working during mealtimes and promotions when delivery demand increases.

16. Assemble Products

Put your hands to work assembling products for companies. Sites like TaskRabbit and Amazon Mechanical Turk offer flexible product assembly opportunities such as:

  • Putting together furniture kits
  • Assembling electronics
  • Crafts like jewelry making or gift boxes
  • Folding pamphlets and mailers
  • Packaging products

Income potential is typically minimum wage level or higher. The more specialized the assembly skills, the more you can earn. No experience needed to get started.

17. Sell Handmade Crafts and Art

Turn your creativity into cash on handmade marketplaces like Etsy, eBay, and Craigslist. Woodworkers, seamstresses, painters, calligraphers, jewelers, crafters, and more artisans can profit selling their products.

Average earnings for handmade sellers:

  • Etsy – $10,000 per year ($833/month average)
  • eBay – $7,000 per year ($583/month average)
  • Craigslist – Varies significantly. Can earn $100-$500+ per item.

Build shop traffic through great product photos, SEO keywords, and social media marketing. Offer customized or personalized options. Branch into consignment, craft fairs, and pop-up shops.

18. Sell Printables and Digital Downloads

Create printable planners, journals, stationery, wall art, educational resources, party packs, and more. Sell the downloadable digital files on platforms like:

Use sites like Canva to easily create visually appealing designs. Add value with bundles, subscriptions, and email sequences. Outsource fulfillment through SendOwl.

Top sellers can earn thousands per month passively. Expand into physical products over time.

19. Dropshipping Business

Launch an ecommerce store without managing inventory by leveraging the dropshipping model. You sell products shipped directly from the wholesaler to customers.

Choose a specialized niche then build your storefront through platforms like Shopify or Wix. Market aggressively through SEO, paid ads, email, and social media.

Work with dropshipping suppliers and agents to handle product sourcing, shipping, and fulfillment. Popular niches include fashion, homewares, and electronics. Profit margins range from 20-50%.

While competitive, diligent effort can build a $1000+ monthly side income from dropshipping. Expand your catalog and niches over time.

20. Garage or Yard Sale Flipping

Frequent yard sales, estate sales, and thrift stores searching for valuable items to resell on eBay, Craigslist, or Facebook Marketplace. Potential flip items include:

  • Jewelry, collectibles, antiques
  • Vintage clothing and handbags
  • Musical instruments and electronics
  • Books, CDs, DVDs
  • Furniture and housewares

Photograph items attractively and write compelling descriptions highlighting features and benefits. Price higher than you purchased, but competitively. Ship items quickly and carefully.

Profits vary based on sourcing inventory at low prices and selling at higher price points. Expect to earn $25-$200 per flip.

21. Online Arbitrage and Reselling

Similar to garage sale flipping, online arbitrage involves finding inventory from low priced sources to resell at higher prices. Leverage tools like Dropified to automate and scale the process.

Begin by researching profitable niches and products using Amazon’s Best Seller lists. Check sourcing sites like Alibaba, Overstock, eBay, and liquidation platforms. Buy low, then relist on Amazon or your own store at a markup.

Profit potential is around 20-50% ROI depending on your niche competitiveness and sourcing capabilities. With consistent effort, aim for $1000+ in monthly revenue.

22. Collectibles Flipping

Limited edition figurines, memorabilia, and hobby items have enthusiastic collectors willing to pay premium prices. Frequent collectible shows and online marketplaces searching for underpriced gems.

Niches with avid collectors include:

  • Sports cards and memorabilia
  • Comics and action figures
  • Coins, stamps, and currency
  • Toys like Lego, Hot Wheels, and Beanie Babies
  • Trading cards like Pok√©mon and Magic the Gathering

Buy collectibles when prices are below comps. Clean, catalog, photograph, and securely store inventory. Market to fellow collectors through niche forums, magazines, and auction sites.

High-value flips can generate $500+ in profit. Broaden your inventory for overall monthly profit consistency.

23. Resell Event Tickets

Big concerts, sports events, theater performances, and conferences offer ticket flipping opportunities. Sourcing inventory from presales, season passes, group deals. Resell at a markup as the event approaches and demand increases.

Platforms for scoring deals include:

  • Ticket presales and waitlists
  • Season ticket holder groups
  • Fan clubs and mailing lists
  • Groupon, LivingSocial, Goldstar
  • Warehouse membership clubs

Sell through Stubhub, Vivid Seats, Craigslist, or

24. Reselling Sneakers and Streetwear

Limited edition sneakers and streetwear have a hungry secondary market. Follow release calendars to buy hot items then resell for 2-4X retail. Popular brands include Nike, Adidas, Supreme, Yeezy, and Off-White.

Use tools like Restocks to monitor upcoming releases. Join cook groups to increase access. Buy from retailers, raffles, in-store queues. List quickly on StockX, GOAT, Grailed before hype fades.

Carefully vet buyers and sellers for legitimacy. Authenticate items to avoid knockoffs. High demand collabs can flip for $500+ profit if you secure inventory. Expand into reselling other apparel and accessories.

25. Growing and Selling Plants

Millennials love plants! Propagate popular houseplants like Monsteras, Philodendrons, and Fiddle Leaf Figs. Resell cuttings and full plants on Etsy, Facebook Marketplace, and local pickup.

Start with a few mother plants ordered online or sourced locally. Choose fast growing varieties that propagate easily. Take cuttings and root them in water or soil. Repot with proper soil and nutrients as the new plants grow larger.

Photograph beautifully and describe care tips. Create Instagram and social media buzz around your new plant business. Offer local delivery or easy pickup. Profit margins are 100%+ since plants regenerate quickly and have minimal costs.

26. Buying and Rehabbing Furniture

Find discarded and damaged furniture for cheap or even free on Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, or at thrift stores and garage sales. Repair and refurbish pieces to resell at a markup.

Focus on solid wood over particle board furniture with good bones. Freshen up with cleaning, sanding, painting, new hardware, or upholstery. Add custom details. Stage and photograph the final transformations.

List locally online and at consignment shops. Schedule porch pickups. Profit potential is $100+ per piece with the right before-after makeovers. Scale by teaching others your furniture flipping system.

27. Scrap Metal Salvaging

Cash in on scrap metal found in old appliances, wiring, siding, construction debris, and vehicles headed for the junkyard. Common profitable metals include copper, aluminum, brass, and steel.

Check laws in your area regarding metal collection. Safety equipment like gloves and protective eyewear are a must. Transport smaller pieces in a pickup truck bed or trailer.

Sell to local scrapyards or metal recycling companies by the pound. Current prices range $.30-3.00 per pound based on metal type. Collect regularly, store securely, and haul large loads to maximize monthly profitability from this dirty side hustle.

28. Rent Your RV or Trailer

If you own a recreational vehicle, trailer, or camper van, offset ownership costs by renting it out when you aren’t using it. List on RV specific sites as well as mainstream vacation rental platforms.

Popular rental platforms:

Provide all essentials like bedding, cookware, camping chairs, etc. Set competitive nightly or weekly rates based on demand, amenities and location. Earn $1000+ monthly through consistent rentals and great reviews.

29. Peer-to-Peer Boat Rentals

Similarly, rent out your power boat, sailboat, jet ski, kayak, canoe, or other watercraft when not in use. No captain skills needed – just lend the vessel itself to vetted renters.

List on boat rental platforms:

Offer pickup/delivery or rental from your local marina. Set competitive rates and availability calendars. Provide required safety equipment and instructions for a worry-free rental.

30. Start an Informational Blog in Your Niche

Choose an industry or interest you’re knowledgeable about and share that expertise through an informational niche blog. Monetize the blog through affiliate links, digital products, and ads once it gains traffic.

Some examples:

  • Personal finance tips
  • Fitness and healthy living strategies
  • Parenting advice and resources
  • Home improvement tutorials
  • Fashion styling guides
  • Recipes and cooking
  • Photography tutorials
  • Career and business strategies

Focus on high-quality content that solves reader problems and provides value. Promote content through social media, guest posts, influencer partnerships.

31. Launch a Podcast

Podcasting combines the appeal of talk radio with the convenience of streaming audio. Build an audience around a topic you’re passionate about. Monetize with ads, affiliate marketing, digital products.

Research popular niches and gaps you can fill as a podcaster. Outline episodes and secure intriguing guests. Record a series of high-quality episodes before launching.

Submit your podcast to directories like iTunes and promote new episodes heavily on launch. Consider repurposing episodes into YouTube videos. The right viral podcast can generate a lucrative income.

32. Bookkeeping or Accounting Services

Leverage accounting skills to help local businesses with their bookkeeping needs either onsite or remotely. Services like payroll, Quickbooks, tax prep, and financial reporting are in continual demand.

Get certified as a bookkeeper or QuickBooks pro. Start taking on local clients. Provide an hourly rate or monthly retainer options. Build your client base through referrals and word-of-mouth.

At $30-$60 per hour, professional bookkeeping services offer strong income potential. Expand into full service accounting and tax preparation to maximize profitability.

33. Gift Basket Making and Selling

Combine your creative flair with the utility of gift giving by assembling and selling themed gift baskets. Target occasions like birthdays, holidays, new babies, sympathy, corporate gifting, etc.

Sourcing inexpensive supplies in bulk – baskets, filler, wrapping elements, ribbons, etc – is crucial for good margins. Scout clearance sales after major holidays.

Mix practical and indulgent items tailored to the theme. Price at minimum 2-3X your costs. Sell on Etsy, Facebook Marketplace, consignment shops, and custom orders. Collaborate with local businesses for corporate orders.

34. Jewelry Making

Turn affordable stones, metals, beads, and components into one of a kind jewelry. Sell your pieces online, at craft shows, and to local boutiques on consignment.

Focus on trends and in demand styles that are salable yet affordable based on your materials and time investment. Expand into customized and personalized pieces.

Photograph creations attractively for ecommerce. Market to your target audience on social media and blogger partnerships. A consistent pipeline of unique designs keeps this side hustle profitable.

35. Pet Sitting

Dog walking and pet sitting is a flexible, animal-loving side hustle. Offer services like midday walks, overnight stays, vacation visits, pickup/drop-off. Set rates based on duration and responsibilities.

Stand out with optional extras like pet bathing, grooming, medication administration, live-in options. Focus on your ideal niche – dogs, exotic animals, horses, etc.

Join sites like Rover and Wag to find clients. Start locally with neighbors, vet offices, then expand into surrounding areas over time. Premium pet care can earn $30-$100+ per booking.

36. SVG Files and Clip Art

Find a niche and create popular cut files, SVG images, icons, patterns, and clip art to sell online. Target Etsy sellers, bloggers, designers, crafters, and DIYers hungry for graphics.

Use programs like Adobe Illustrator or Inkscape to create vector files people can scale and cut on their Cricut and Silhouette machines. List individually or in themed bundles.

Promote new designs heavily upon launch through social media and niche hashtags like #Cricut and #Silhouette. Reach out to bloggers and crafters offering initial freebies to build awareness.

Top selling designers earn hundreds per month. Building an audience and email list scales profitability.

37. Voiceover Work and Voice Acting

If you’ve got golden pipes, provide voiceover and voice acting services. Voiceovers are used in commercials, videos, training materials, audiobooks,cartoons and more.

Develop a home studio – quality microphone, room acoustics, editing software like Audacity. List your services on Fiverr and Voice123. Apply for voice acting gigs on entertainment job boards.

At $40-$100 per hour, specialized voice work can be quite lucrative based on your expertise. Reach out to video production companies and ad agencies to offer your services.

38. Photo Booth Rentals

Capitalize on the fun social element of photo booths by renting one out for events and occasions. Budget $300-$1000+ to build or buy a booth. Make back costs quickly with rental bookings.

Typical rental packages:

  • Rental duration (ex. 2-4 hours)
  • Backdrop – customize to theme
  • Unlimited photo strips
  • Digital photo delivery
  • Printed scrapbook of images
  • Fun props – hats, signs, boas
  • Attendant to assist guests

Create packages starting at $300+. Market to event planners, wedding clients, corporate parties. Maintain an online calendar for direct bookings. Provide excellent service and customization.

39. Sell Baked Goods

Turn your baking passion into profit by selling tasty homemade treats locally or online. Check your state’s cottage food laws to sell home baked goods legally. Start with farmer’s markets and bulk orders.

Refine best selling recipes and packaging to maximize appeal and portability. Expand into a licensed commercial kitchen for large orders, custom cakes, local retailers, and ecommerce.

Profit margins on baked goods are generally 50%+ thanks to low costs for quality ingredients bought in bulk. Differentiate with better ingredients, artisan combinations, and amazing photos.

40. House Cleaning or Maid Service

Leverage your home cleaning and organizational skills by providing maid services. Average rates range $15-$40 per hour depending on the clientele and service range. Some options:

  • Residential house cleaning
  • Vacation rentals turnovers
  • New construction cleanup
  • Move out and move in cleaning
  • Post renovation deep cleaning
  • Commercial office cleaning

Join sites like Handy,, Angie’s List to acquire clients, then transition them off platform. Streamline your system so cleanings are thorough yet fast.

41. Landscaping and Lawn Care

Maintaining and improving lawns and landscaping is a scalable, recurring side business. Offer services like:

  • Mowing, edging, cleanup
  • Pruning trees and shrubs
  • Planting flowers, gardening
  • Aerating, dethatching, seeding
  • Fertilizing
  • Hardscaping – patios, retaining walls
  • Holiday lights installation

Use equipment like mowers, trimmers, power tools. Trailer option opens larger properties. Schedule crews smartly around weather and seasons. Recurring clients provide month over month revenue stability.

Aim for $30-$50 per hour based on your services and efficiency. Upsell fertilizer and soils for additional sales.

42. Event or Wedding Planning

Help clients plan memorable weddings, parties, conferences, and other events with your organizational flair. Provide full or partial planning services scaled to the client’s needs and budget.

Offer packages like:

  • Day of event production
  • Partial planning plus vendor sourcing
  • Complete event coordination and design

Earn 10-20% commission on vendor services booked. Charge hourly for consultations, design, planning sessions. Build repeat clientele as your portfolio strengthens. Consider venue or niche specialization.

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George was born on March 15, 1995 in Chicago, Illinois. From a young age, George was fascinated by international finance and the foreign exchange (forex) market. He studied Economics and Finance at the University of Chicago, graduating in 2017. After college, George worked at a hedge fund as a junior analyst, gaining first-hand experience analyzing currency markets. He eventually realized his true passion was educating novice traders on how to profit in forex. In 2020, George started his blog "Forex Trading for the Beginners" to share forex trading tips, strategies, and insights with beginner traders. His engaging writing style and ability to explain complex forex concepts in simple terms quickly gained him a large readership. Over the next decade, George's blog grew into one of the most popular resources for new forex traders worldwide. He expanded his content into training courses and video tutorials. John also became an influential figure on social media, with over 5000 Twitter followers and 3000 YouTube subscribers. George's trading advice emphasizes risk management, developing a trading plan, and avoiding common beginner mistakes. He also frequently collaborates with other successful forex traders to provide readers with a variety of perspectives and strategies. Now based in New York City, George continues to operate "Forex Trading for the Beginners" as a full-time endeavor. George takes pride in helping newcomers avoid losses and achieve forex trading success.

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