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Profiting with Poshmark: How Selling Used Clothes Can Make You Rich

Poshmark has taken the world of secondhand clothing sales by storm. What started as a simple app to buy and sell used clothes has turned into a lucrative business opportunity for savvy entrepreneurs. With the right strategies, selling used clothes on Poshmark can become a surprisingly profitable side hustle or even a full-time career. This in-depth guide will teach you how to transform your closet into profits and build your own virtual thrifting empire.

Introduction to Making Money on Poshmark

Poshmark is a social commerce marketplace where users can buy and sell new and used clothing, shoes and accessories. The app exploded in popularity thanks to its simple listing process, fun social features and ease of shipping.

For sellers, Poshmark offers an enticing 80% commission on sales under $15 and a 20% commission on sales above $15. Compare that to consignment stores which average 50-60% commissions. On Poshmark, you also get to set your own prices.

With over 75 million registered users and counting, Poshmark provides an enormous pool of buyers hunting for unique fashions. Savvy sellers who learn how to source, list and price inventory can earn an impressive side income from Poshmark sales. The top sellers even make 6 figures!

Selling on Poshmark requires some effort but the rewards can be life-changing. This guide will cover tips on:

  • Sourcing profitable inventory
  • Photographing and listing items
  • Pricing and negotiation strategies
  • Shipping efficiently
  • Providing excellent customer service
  • Growing your closet and sales

Let’s dig into the key steps to building your own successful Poshmark business!

Step 1: Find Profitable Inventory to Sell on Poshmark

The first step is finding used clothing and accessories you can buy low and sell high. Your goal is to source quality items priced well below their resale value. Here are some of the best places to find profitable Poshmark inventory:

Thrift Stores

Thrift and consignment stores offer a treasure trove of clothing and accessories to buy cheap and resell for profits. Look for pieces that are relevant, on trend, unusual or vintage. Popular brands like Anthropologie, Free People and Madewell almost always deliver profits.

Be sure to thoroughly inspect each item for flaws. Only purchase pieces in excellent used condition or new with tags.

Yard/Garage Sales

Yard and garage sales are ideal for scoring luxury brands and statement pieces on the cheap. Look for classic designers like Louis Vuitton, Gucci and Prada. Also scope out the jewelry for real gems.

Online Resale Sites

Check discount sites like eBay, Mercari and Facebook Marketplace for people clearing out quality items at low costs. Sort by newly listed to find the best deals fastest.

Your Own Closet

Don’t overlook the hidden gems sitting unused in your own closet! Dig out any stylish clothes, shoes, handbags or accessories you no longer wear. Poshmark lets you easily convert fashion mistakes into cash.

Retail Stores

Shop discount racks or sale sections at retail stores for new with tags inventory. Focus on current styles and smaller sizes which sell quickest on Poshmark.

Liquidators and Wholesalers

For serious sellers, liquidators and wholesalers provide an affordable inventory pipeline. But you’ll need to buy in bulk. Make sure to calculate your profit margins before investing.

Poshmark Sourcing Services

If sifting through thrift stores isn’t your thing, Poshmark sourcing services will find and ship you a box of inventory for a fee. Services like The Posh Box, Posh Authenticators and The Hunt handle all the sourcing work.

Step 2: Photograph Pieces to Showcase Their Unique Style

Great photos are crucial for selling inventory fast on Poshmark. Clear, well-lit photos allow buyers to inspect details and see an item’s true colors and styling.

Follow these photography tips:

  • Use natural lighting near a window or door. Avoid fluorescent lights.
  • Photograph against a clean, simple background like a wall or table.
  • Take photos of the front, back and inner tags/labels.
  • Capture any flaws or wear.
  • Photograph hanging tops on a hanger. Fold other items neatly.
  • Style pieces with complementary accessories.
  • Crop images cleanly and brighten/color correct when needed.

Investing in a lighting kit and mannequin can really level up your Poshmark photos. But an iPhone and some natural light works fine too.

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Step 3: Write Detailed, Keyword-Optimized Listings

The right listing descriptions convert browsers into buyers. Your descriptions should provide all the details a buyer needs to purchase confidently.

Include the following in each listing:

  • Brand name – Lead with the brand and style names.
  • Item condition – Note any flaws. Use terms like “gently used” or “perfect condition.”
  • Fabric content – List materials like cotton, silk, leather.
  • Size and measurements – Provide exact sizing and garment measurements.
  • Style keywords – Use keywords like boho, preppy, vintage, Y2K to describe the style.
  • Color – Name colors like mauve, chartreuse, or baby blue.
  • Material features – Mention details like buttons, beads, embroidery, or print.
  • Occasion keywords – Include occasions it could be worn for – work, formal event, date night.
  • Care instructions if relevant.
  • Your closet name – Add your Poshmark closet name so buyers can click to see more of your listings.

Optimizing with relevant keywords helps drive traffic from Poshmark searches. Avoid keyword stuffing, but do strategically include keywords throughout your listing.

Step 4: Price Items Using Data-Driven Strategies

Pricing inventory to sell is an art and science. Price too high and it may never sell. But price too low and you leave profits on the table.

Use these pricing strategies:

Check Sold Listings

Search Poshmark for your exact item or similar styles. Filter by “Sold” listings only. Study the sold prices to gauge demand and set your price.

Price Above Your Cost

Price items at least double your cost as a rule of thumb. For higher value items, aim for a 300-500% markup. Leave room to send OTLs.

Know Your Brands

Some brands consistently sell for higher prices. Louis Vuitton, Free People and Anthropologie almost always deliver big sales.

Consider New vs Used

For new with tags inventory, check current retail prices. For used, price around 50-75% off retail depending on condition.

Adjust for Size and Color

Small and extra small sizes can attract higher prices. Neutrals like black, gray, navy, and pink also tend to sell best.

List Higher Initially

Price items near the higher end of their value range. You can always send offers to likers and drop the price later.

Step 5: Ship Sold Items Quickly with Quality Packaging

Poshmark sellers are rated on their overall shipping time. Strive to ship within 1-2 business days. Buy shipping supplies like tissue paper, thank you notes and sturdy mailers in bulk.

Package items with care:

  • Wrap delicate items in tissue paper to prevent damage.
  • Seal items in plastic bags if needed to protect from dirt or moisture.
  • Add free gifts like product samples when possible.
  • Write thank you notes to build relationships with buyers.
  • Use sturdy mailers and reinforce with tape to prevent rips or tears.
  • Ship via USPS within 1-2 days and add tracking right away.

Putting thought and effort into packaging pays off with positive reviews and repeat customers.

Step 6: Provide Excellent Customer Service

Delivering an amazing buyer experience is crucial for building a loyal following on Poshmark.

Reply to questions and offers quickly. Manage buyer expectations proactively if an item will take longer to ship.

Adding new listings daily shows buyers your closet is active and gives them reasons to follow you. Share your own listings as well as others’ multiple times per day. This activity bumps your items up in Poshmark’s search results.

Give buyers discounts by sending private Offers to Likers and bundling similar items. Personalize thank you notes in each order.

Going above and beyond in your customer service earns rave reviews. This helps you gain Poshmark’s coveted “Posh Ambassador” status.

Step 7: Scale Your Business with Wholesale and Automation

Once you’ve built momentum on Poshmark, look for ways to work smarter, not harder.

Invest in Wholesale Inventory

Finding wholesale sources gives you an ongoing pipeline of fresh merchandise. Liquidators provide bulk batches of new with tags or like new items at big discounts.

Automate Your Systems

Apps like List Perfectly, Poshmark Alerts and Pirate Ship can automate drafting listings, tracking inventory and printing labels. Setting up systems frees your time to source and sell.

Hire Virtual Assistants

Affordable virtual assistants can photograph and list new inventory for your closet. They’ll maximize your productivity.

Create Your Own Website

Launch your own ecommerce site and sync your Poshmark inventory so buyers can also purchase directly from you.

Scaling up will accelerate your earnings. But focus first on providing a stellar buying experience and your Poshmark business can become a major moneymaker.

Frequently Asked Questions About Making Money on Poshmark

How much money can you make selling used clothes on Poshmark?

Profit potential depends on your time and effort. Part-time sellers can earn a few hundred to few thousand per month. But top sellers make over $100k annually by treating Poshmark like a full-time business.

How do you make the most money on Poshmark?

  • Price higher initially
  • Refresh closet frequently with new listings
  • Share own and others’ listings consistently
  • Provide excellent customer service
  • Optimize titles and descriptions for keywords
  • Take clear photos on white background
  • Source profitable wholesale inventory
  • Automate and scale your systems

Is selling used clothes on Poshmark worth it?

Yes, Poshmark is extremely lucrative if you learn proven sourcing, pricing, listing, and customer service strategies. The millions of buyers provide huge earning potential. Poshmark makes selling used clothing easier than ever.

What are the best things to sell on Poshmark?

  • Trendy brands like Free People, Anthropologie, J. Crew, Madewell, Urban Outfitters, and Everlane.
  • Luxury designers – Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Kate Spade.
  • Vintage pieces – Levi’s denim, band tees, Ray-Ban sunglasses.
  • Mall brands like Zara, H&M in EUC.
  • Athletic and streetwear – lululemon, Athleta, Nike, Adidas.
  • Handbags, shoes, accessories – especially new or barely used.
  • Smaller sizes – XXS, XS, 0, 2.
  • New with tags items.

What should you not sell on Poshmark?

Avoid fast fashion brands like Forever 21 or low-quality items. Anything stained, ripped, or flawed won’t sell. Outdated trend pieces will also sit unsold. Only list excellent condition, on trend pieces from desired brands.

How long does it take to sell on Poshmark?

With good photos and pricing, popular used items can sell within hours or days. Less in-demand pieces may take a couple weeks to a couple months to sell. Keep sharing and sending offers. If something hasn’t sold in 6 months, consider donating it.

Start Earning Life-Changing Money Selling Used Clothes

As this guide outlines, Poshmark offers an exciting way to monetize your fashion sense and cleaning out your closet. With the right sourcing strategies and focus on customer service, you can earn an impressive income selling used clothing in just a few hours per week.

Why not give it try? Download the easy-to-use app and get started listing your first pieces today. Before long, you could be on your way to building a thriving full-time resale business.

Imagine being able to quit your exhausting 9 to 5 job and instead make a comfortable living doing something you love – thrifting amazing fashion finds and connecting with a community that shares your passion. The possibilities are truly endless for turning used clothes into profits. Poshmark provides everything you need to start living your dream life.

So open your closet, grab your phone, and let’s get you on the path to financial freedom! With some smarts and hustle, you can profit with Poshmark and make serious money from used clothing.

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