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Online Odd Jobs 101: The Best Gigs for Quick Cash Without Skills

Looking to make extra money in your spare time without special skills or experience? With the rise of the gig economy, there are now endless ways to earn quick cash online doing odd jobs from anywhere.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore the top online odd job platforms, the best gigs for making quick money with no skills, and tips to maximize your earnings. Whether you want to test the waters of freelancing or make hundreds a month doing microtasks, read on to discover how to turn your free time into fast cash online.

Overview of Online Odd Job Platforms

Here are the top sites for finding online odd jobs:


Fiverr is a leading freelance services marketplace where you can offer gigs (or “gigs”) for as low as $5. Popular jobs include data entry, research, translations, graphic design, video editing, programming, and more. Fiverr takes a cut of sales but you keep the majority.


Upwork connects freelancers with clients for short-term and longer-term projects in areas like customer service, administrative work, writing, design, web development and more. You create a profile and bid on jobs posted by clients.

Amazon Mechanical Turk

Also known as MTurk, this Amazon platform offers thousands of microtasks that clients need done, like data entry, surveys, content moderation, transcription and more. You can earn a few cents to a few dollars per task.


Through TaskRabbit, you can get hired for same-day jobs like delivery, furniture assembly, yard work, house cleaning and handyman tasks. Great for quick cash if you don’t mind hands-on work.

Uber, Lyft

Apps like Uber and Lyft let anyone earn money driving for ridesharing services, as long as you have a newer car and pass background checks. Flexible gigs between other jobs.

Craigslist Gigs

Check the Gigs section of Craigslist to find local odd jobs like delivery, pet care, event help, landscaping, moving help, and more. Cash payouts but vet clients carefully.

Facebook Jobs

Search Marketplace and local buy/sell groups on Facebook for random one-off gigs near you, from helping a neighbor move to doing lawn care. Easy to find jobs.


This app connects you with neighbors needing help with things like yardwork, furniture assembly, deep cleaning, dog walking and more. Pays via the app. Vet clients.


Wonolo is an app matching workers with same-day jobs in areas like warehouse work, events, retail, cleaning, delivery and other labor gigs. You get paid weekly.


Professionals and hobbyists use Thumbtack to find local clients needing help with things like moving, personal training, photography, DJ services, home repairs, car detailing, and more. connects families with babysitters, elder caregivers, pet sitters, tutors, and housekeepers. Pass a background check to unlock gigs. Gets you paid quickly.

Top Online Odd Jobs for Fast Cash

Here are some of the best online odd jobs to earn quick cash from home or anywhere without special skills or experience:


Transcribing audio and video files is in high demand. No experience needed. Typical pay is $10 – $30 per hour of audio transcribed. Jobs on MTurk, Fiverr, Upwork.

Data Entry

Businesses need data entry clerks to type/input information. Usually pay per piece entered or hourly. No experience required. Find gigs on MTurk, Fiverr, Wonolo, Neighbor.


Taking online surveys through sites like Swagbucks only pays a few cents to dollars but add up over time. Do on your phone during down time. Low paying but consistent.

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Virtual Assistant

VAs help with administrative tasks, scheduling, email management, research and more. Find clients through Upwork, Fiverr. Pay avg $15-$25/hr.


Strong writing skills can get freelance editing and proofreading jobs online. Create a profile on Scribbr, Upwork, Fiverr. Pay averages $15-$20 per hour.

Graphic Design

If you’re skilled with graphic design programs, offer logo, web, T-shirt designs, social media graphics on Fiverr and Upwork. Avg pay $15-$35 per project.


Transcribing audio and video files is in high demand. No experience needed. Typical pay is $10 – $30 per hour of audio transcribed. Jobs on MTurk, Fiverr, Upwork.


Bilinguals can earn cash translating documents, audio files, subtitles, even books. About 5-10 cents per word. Find clients on Upwork, Fiverr, Facebook.


Freelance writing and blogging pay average 5-10 cents per word. Pitch ideas to publications or find clients through Contena, Upwork, Problogger. Experience required.

Tutoring Online

If you have teaching experience or expertise in academic subjects, tutor students online through platforms like Varsity Tutors, Chegg Tutors. Avg $15-$25 per hour.

Test Websites

Get paid to evaluate websites, apps, and products through testing sites UserTesting, TryMyUI, and Intellizoom. Earn up to $10 per 20-min test.

Participate in Research Studies

Sites like Survey Junkie and Respondent recruit people to participate in interviews, focus groups, usability tests for $50+ per hour of your time. Short-term flexible gigs.

Sign Spinning

Use your location flexibility to earn cash fast as a human billboard. Book hourly street corner advertising gigs via Snag and Uprise. Typically pay $20-$30 per hour. Minimal skill needed.

Product Labeling

Label, tag, categorize, and describe products in images and video clips to train AI. Find batch jobs on Appen, Mighty A.I. Miguel. Flexible work paying $9-$15 per hour.

Rideshare Driving

Apps like Uber and Lyft let you earn extra cash as a rideshare driver, on your own schedule. Need to qualify and pass background checks. Can work as much or as little as you want. Earn around $15-$25 per hour before gas and expenses. Surge pricing during busy times and events can increase profits quickly.

Food and Grocery Delivery

With the boom in food delivery apps like DoorDash, GrubHub, Instacart, Uber Eats, Postmates, grocery and restaurant delivery is easy money if you have a reliable car. You can earn $12-$25+ per hour based on tips. Set your own schedule.

Dog Walking/Pet Sitting

Make cash caring for pets while owners are away through apps like Rover and Wag. Set your rates, schedule, and availability. Earn up to $20 per 30-minute dog walk and $40-$60 per night pet sitting. Love of animals required.

Task Cleanup/Organization

Find clients through TaskRabbit, Craigslist, Nextdoor and Facebook who need help with clutter control, garage and closet organization, general cleanup, and decluttering. Bill $40-$70 per hour depending on the task.

Mystery Shopping

Get paid to shop at specific retailers, dine at restaurants, or assess services, acting as a secret customer. Report on your experience to earn cash. Look for mystery shopping jobs on sites like Secret Shopper, BestMark, MarketForce.

Sell Your Stuff

Round up unwanted items around the house to resell on Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist, OfferUp, 5miles, eBay, Poshmark, Mercari. Price to sell quickly. You can easily clear $100+ in a weekend purge.

Assemble Furniture

Offer your furniture assembling services around your neighborhood through TaskRabbit, Nextdoor, Craigslist, Facebook. Get paid hourly or per piece assembled. Experience with tools and reading instructions required.

Virtual Focus Groups

Share your opinion in online focus groups and make $50 to $150 for an hour Zoom discussion. Register at,, Focus Pointe Global, Schlesinger Associates. Flexible schedule.

Freelance Writing

Sell freelance articles, blog posts, product descriptions, web content, and more to online publications, small businesses, individuals through Contena, iWriter, Writenomad. $15-$50+ per piece depending on length.

Maximizing Your Online Odd Job Earnings

Once you start searching for online odd jobs, the opportunities are endless. Here are some tips to help you maximize your earnings:

  • Cast a wide net. Sign up for multiple platforms and apps to give yourself lots of gigs to choose from. The more odd jobs you do, the more you make.
  • Take advantage of surge pricing. For rideshare driving and delivery gigs, work during peak times and bad weather when rates surge. You can increase your earnings dramatically.
  • Work evenings and weekends. Highest demand from clients and surge pricing make nights and weekends most lucrative for driving, delivery and labor gigs.
  • Offer promotions and deals. Run specials and offers to attract new customers and clients, like 50% off first 2 hours of work or 5 free posts with social media package purchase.
  • Build your ratings. The higher your ratings on gig platforms, the more jobs you’ll be offered. Provide 5-star service and ask happy clients to leave reviews.
  • Specialize. Pick 2-3 types of services to really focus on and build repeat business, like furniture assembly, proofreading, and virtual assisting.
  • Do microtasks in downtime. Fill small blocks of time between gigs with quick microtasks like surveys and data entry to maximize earnings.
  • Travel to busier areas. Apps show hot spots where demand is highest. Drive or relocate to where the jobs are to get more gigs.
  • Refer friends. Referral bonuses provide an easy way to earn extra cash fast. Refer responsible friends to driving, delivery and cleaning apps.
  • Leverage your skills. Turn hobbies and skills like art, music, gardening, coding, engineering, into freelance gigs to make the most money based on your abilities.
  • Provide excellent service. Going above and beyond on jobs will get you 5 star reviews, repeat business, and bonus tips. Provide quality work with a friendly attitude.

By mixing and matching online odd jobs that play to your strengths and availability, you can realistically earn an extra $500 or more working 10 to 20 hours a week. Add more hours when you want to earn even more. The flexibility and income potential of online odd jobs lets you control your earnings.

Frequently Asked Questions About Online Odd Jobs

What online odd jobs pay the most per hour?

Some of the most lucrative online odd jobs include rideshare driving during surge times ($25-$35 per hour), freelance writing ($30-$50 per hour), graphic design ($20-$40 per hour), and tutoring ($20-$30 per hour). Focusing on high-paying skills maximizes earnings.

Can you really make money with online odd jobs?

Yes, there is serious money to be made with online odd jobs! From driving, delivery, writing, design, tutoring and more, you can earn hundreds of dollars a week working online. The key is building up ratings, getting repeat business, specializing, and putting in consistent hours. Treat it like a flexible part or full-time job.

What are easy odd jobs to get quickly?

Some of the quickest and easiest online odd jobs to start right away include rideshare driving, food delivery, product labeling, surveys, virtual assistant tasks like appointment scheduling, writing product descriptions, proofreading, transcription, and categorizing photos and videos. These allow you to get up and running fast.

Do I need special skills for online odd jobs?

The best part about online odd jobs is that no prior skills or experience are required for many gigs! You can jump right in with gigs like rideshare driving, delivery, cleaning, organizing, furniture assembly and more. Other jobs, like tutoring, editing and design allow you to monetize existing skills.

Can I do online odd jobs full time?

Absolutely! With the number of online odd job platforms and apps now available, you could easily piece together a full-time income. Mix high-paying skilled work like programming, writing and design with flexible driving, delivery and microtasks for a lucrative combo. The freedom of being your own boss as a full-time online odd jobber appeals to many.

How much money can I make per week?

Weekly earnings depend on how many hours you put in and the types of gigs you do. Working 10 hours a week on quick gigs like surveys and delivery, you can expect to make $100 – $300. Putting in 25-30 hours across a mix of skilled projects and microtasks can bring in $500 – $1,000+ per week. The more hours and higher paying your gigs, the more potential income.


Online odd jobs provide endless opportunities to earn great cash quickly without special skills or experience required. Whether you just want to supplement your income, test out freelancing, or start a full-blown odd job career, now is the time to get started.

With the freedom to create your own schedule, work from anywhere, and leverage skills you already have, online odd jobs are the perfect way to unlock your earning potential on your own terms.

So develop your plan, sign up for some accounts, and dive into the ever-expanding world of online odd jobs using the tips and platforms in this guide. The freedom and extra income are waiting – time to start odd jobbing your way to real cash today!

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