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Make Money Consulting Online Sharing Your Expertise with the World

Have you ever thought about becoming an online consultant? With the internet making the world more connected than ever, it’s easier than you might think to monetize your skills, knowledge and expertise.

Consulting online allows you to be your own boss, set your own hours and rates, and make money helping people from the comfort of your home. Whether you’re an expert in business, technology, healthcare, or have experience to share in some other niche, you can get paid for offering consulting services online.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore how to get started with online consulting, find paying clients, market your services, deliver excellent consulting, and maximize your income. Let’s dive in!

How to Start an Online Consulting Business in 9 Steps

Starting an online consulting business may sound intimidating but it can be broken down into clear, actionable steps. Here is an overview of the key things you need to do:

1. Identify Your Niche and Ideal Clients

First, reflect on what you’re an expert in and passionate about. Consider past professional experience, education, unique skills and hobbies. Pick a niche that leverages your expertise and that people would pay for advice in.

Define your ideal target audience. Get very specific on who you want to serve to develop tailored services, messaging and marketing.

2. Develop Your Consulting Offerings

Pinpoint the types of consulting services you’ll provide. Common options include one-on-one coaching/mentoring, developing plans/strategies, providing expertise in advisory sessions, conducting training/workshops, and creating customized deliverables.

3. Set Your Rates

Research what other consultants charge for similar services in your niche. Price based on your expertise and the value you provide, not just hourly work. Offer packages with different service levels.

4. Build Your Website and Online Presence

Create a professional website highlighting your consulting services, credentials and expertise. Optimize with SEO.

Develop profiles on LinkedIn, Twitter, Quora and other sites your audience uses. Publish helpful content that positions you as a thought leader.

5. Get Business Certifications and Tools

Consider getting business licenses, tax registrations, insurance and legal consultation to protect yourself.

Sign up for productivity tools like email marketing, accounting, appointments and minutes software to streamline your consulting.

6. Craft Your Brand Messaging

Determine your brand positioning and messaging. Reflect your personality while conveying professionalism and expertise.

Create branded templates, logo, tagline and additional assets that visually represent your consulting business.

7. Offer Free Value to Attract Clients

Build authority and credibility by sharing free helpful content like blogs, videos, samples, checklists and webinars that attract ideal potential clients.

You can also guest post on industry websites, do interviews or contribute quotes as an expert.

8. Market Your Consulting Services

Promote your consulting through your website, email list and social media. Run LinkedIn ads. Look for speaking opportunities at industry conferences or meetings for networks like BNI or Rotary Club.

Ask current happy clients for referrals and testimonials. Reach out to warm leads telling them you can help with their challenges.

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9. Deliver Excellent Consulting to Clients

Over-deliver and provide a great client experience. Listen closely to fully understand needs. Offer strategic, customized and actionable recommendations.

Follow up and check in with clients on progress. Ask for reviews and referrals from satisfied clients to grow your business.

By following these steps, you can successfully start an online consulting business on the side or full-time. The key is leveraging your expertise to help others while effectively marketing your services.

5 Benefits of Becoming an Online Consultant

Starting an online consulting business has many advantages compared to traditional employment. Consider these key benefits:

You Can Be Your Own Boss

One of the best perks of consulting online is that you get to be your own boss and have flexibility and freedom in your work. You can set your own hours and pricing, accept or decline projects, and manage your business how you choose.

Unlimited Earning Potential

Unlike a salary or hourly job, your income potential consulting online is limitless. The more clients you serve and value you provide, the more you can earn. Expanding your services, raising rates and growing your business can all increase your consulting income.

You Can Work From Anywhere

Another great benefit of online consulting is the ability to work remotely from anywhere. As long as you have your laptop and internet connection, you can consult with clients around the world. You can travel and see the world while running your business.

Meaningful, Interesting Work

Consulting online allows you to do work you find genuinely interesting and impactful. You can choose projects that get you excited and help clients in meaningful ways based on your passions, expertise and skills.

Build Your Personal Brand

Consulting online enables you to build your personal brand, reputation and authority in your niche. You have control over your messaging, content and services to position yourself as a thought leader. This can lead to media publicity, speaking opportunities and more.

The freedom, fulfillment and potential upside make online consulting an appealing business model for many professionals.

10 Steps to Becoming a Successful Consultant

If starting an online consulting business appeals to you, follow these 10 key steps:

1. Identify Your Niche

Carefully select your niche based on your expertise, interests and experience. Choosing too broad of a niche can dilute your brand and expertise. A focused niche allows you to better target services and marketing.

2. Develop Your Qualifications

Take courses, training, certification programs and other steps to build your skills and credibility in your chosen niche. Highlight relevant education, past experience, testimonials and portfolio samples.

3. Craft Your Offerings

Determine the consulting services you’ll provide. Consider one-on-one consulting, advising, assessments, strategic plans, project implementation, coaching/mentoring and more. Offer varying packages/tiers.

4. Price Your Services

Research competitors and the value you provide to set fair rates. Bill hourly or per project. Establish packages. Offer tiered pricing/service levels. Consider pro bono work to gain testimonials and experience.

5. Create Marketing Assets

Develop your logo, website, brochures, business cards and other branded assets. Create content like blogs, videos and webinars that attract ideal potential clients.

6. Actively Market Yourself

Promote your consulting through your website, email marketing, social media and more. Attend networking events. Do public speaking and submit conference session proposals. Ask for referrals.

7. Deliver Outstanding Consulting

Over-deliver for clients. Dedicate time to deeply understand their needs and challenges. Provide strategic, tailored, actionable recommendations designed to help them achieve goals.

8. Collect Testimonials and Case Studies

Ask happy clients for testimonials and case studies detailing the results and ROI of working with you. Add these to your website and proposals to build credibility.

9. Continue Growing Your Skills

Commit to continuously expanding your knowledge and expertise. Take ongoing courses and training. Stay on top of industry trends. Enhance your consulting skills.

10. Expand Your Business

Gradually raise your rates and expand services as you gain more experience. Hire associates or subcontractors to scale. Develop digital products or group trainings.

Follow these tips and you’ll be on your way to building a thriving and meaningful consulting business online.

10 Highly Profitable Online Consulting Niches To Consider

You can provide online consulting services in almost any niche or industry. However, some consulting areas tend to be especially lucrative. Here are 10 potentially profitable online consulting niches:

1. Business Consulting

Help businesses improve operations, maximize profits, reduce costs, implement better systems, expand strategically and beat competitors. Business consulting remains in high demand across industries, company sizes and functional areas.

2. IT and Technology Consulting

Advise organizations on software, cybersecurity, implementing new tech systems, data and AI strategy, cloud migrations, app development and more to leverage technology.

3. HR and Leadership Consulting

Offer your expertise in hiring, onboarding, training, staff management, building company culture, enhancing leadership and other aspects of optimizing human resources.

4. Financial Consulting

Help individuals and businesses make smart money decisions through services like tax preparation, auditing, budgeting, investing, obtaining financing and reducing expenses.

5. Healthcare Consulting

Assist healthcare providers, insurers, pharmaceutical companies and others in the industry with compliance, staff training, optimizing clinical systems and processes and strategic planning.

6. Marketing and Advertising Consulting

Strategically help businesses boost leads, sales and brand growth through services like digital marketing audits, SEO optimization, content strategy, social media, email marketing and more.

7. Career Coaching and Resume Writing

Provide specialized support to job seekers related to personal branding, LinkedIn profiles, resume/cover letter writing, interview prep, salary negotiation and launching a new career.

8. Life and Business Coaching

Offer personalized coaching programs to help clients achieve goals related to areas like productivity, work-life balance, relationships, health, confidence, habits, communication skills and more.

9. Legal Consulting

If you’re an attorney or paralegal, offer your legal expertise to assist clients with issues like contracts, compliance, intellectual property, lawsuits and family law matters.

10. Engineering and Architecture Consulting

Leverage your specialized expertise to advise on design projects, conducting feasibility assessments, optimizing systems and processes, estimating costs, maximizing sustainability and navigating regulations.

There is high earning potential across many different consulting niches. Focus on your expertise and passions to provide the most value.

How Much Money Can You Make Consulting Online?

A common question when starting an online consulting business is “How much can I earn?” The income potential varies substantially based on these key factors:

Your Niche and Pricing

Some niches have higher earning potential based on demand and what the market can bear for rates. For example, a technology consultant will typically earn more per hour than a resume writer.

Your Experience Level

The more skilled expertise you have, the more you can charge. Consultants early on may need to offer pro bono or discounted services to gain experience and testimonials. You can charge higher rates as you gain more qualifications.

Number of Clients

Your income potential scales based on the number of clients you can take on. With online consulting, you avoid geographic limitations and can work with clients all over.

Type of Services

One-on-one strategic consulting, assessments and planning tend to offer higher rates than executing tasks or coaching. However, recurring coaching/training subscriptions can add up over time.

Hours Worked

Like any business, the more hours you dedicate to consulting activities like sales, client work and marketing, the more potential income. It requires effort to build a profitable consultancy.

Cost Savings

Working online allows you to save on expenses like office space, commuting and professional attire. You keep more of what you earn.

Realistically starting out, online consultants can often earn $50-$150 per hour or $1,000-$3,000+ per project. Once established, six figure annual incomes are common. Some consultants even earn over $500K consulting online.

While it takes consistency and effort to build, online consulting can become quite lucrative, especially after gaining experience. The earning potential far surpasses traditional employment.

10 Tips for Setting Your Consulting Rates

Pricing your consulting services is important to maximize income. Follow these tips:

  • Research competitors’ rates in your niche so you don’t undercharge.
  • Price based on the value you provide, not just hours worked. Charge for your expertise.
  • Tier your pricing – offer basic, premium and enterprise packages/service levels.
  • Increase your rates over time as you gain qualifications, experience and client results.
  • Offer discounts for long-term agreements, prepaid packages or client referrals.
  • Don’t underprice. Prospects may not hire the cheapest consultant if they question the value.
  • Clearly communicate what’s included to justify your rates. Quantify your past results.
  • Consider quarterly or annual pricing increases to account for rising expertise and inflation.
  • Bill half upfront for large, multi-month projects to get paid for some work early.
  • Occasionally offer free initial consultations or pro bono work to gain experience and testimonials.

Setting appropriate rates that clients are willing to pay allows you to maximize your consulting income. Price too low and you leave money on the table. Price too high and you’ll scare away prospects.

10 Must-Have Skills to Succeed as a Consultant

Providing quality consulting online requires certain skills. The top skills needed to succeed as a consultant include:

1. Strong Communication

You must communicate clearly, professionally and personably in calls, meetings, emails, presentations and documentation provided to clients.

2. Active Listening

Actively listening to clients is crucial to deeply understand their unique situations, challenges and goals to tailor your consulting.

3. Problem Solving

Logical, analytical and creative thinking to solve complex client problems and objectively weigh alternatives.

4. Strategic Planning

The ability to craft strategic, tactical plans tailored to clients’ needs, objectives and constraints to help them achieve goals.

5. Project Management

With consulting often involving multifaceted projects, project management skills like scoping, scheduling and delivering results are key.

6. Subject Matter Expertise

Having in-depth knowledge and qualifications in your niche is obviously essential to providing value to clients.

7. People Skills

Connecting with clients on a personal level and earning their trust drives positive engagement and outcomes.

8. Research and Data Analysis

Strong research skills allow you to quickly get up to speed on client industries and situations. Analyzing data informs recommendations.

9. Time Management and Organization

Juggling multiple clients and projects requires meticulous organization and productivity to deliver quality work on time.

10. Lifelong Learning

Top consultants never stop acquiring new knowledge and skills to expand their expertise. Ongoing learning is key.

Beyond core consulting capabilities, skills like marketing, sales, accounting and technology can also propel your success as an online consultant. Continuously build your skills.

How to Find Your First Consulting Clients

The most common question new consultants have is how to find that crucial first client. Some strategies to land your first consulting gig include:

  • Convert Existing Contacts: Reach out to former colleagues, employers, mentors, friends and others who know your expertise and pitch your services.
  • Get Referrals: Ask satisfied clients for introductions to contacts that may need your consulting services.
  • Network: Attend in-person industry/networking events and build connections with potential clients.
  • Speak/Write For Exposure: Getting publicity through speaking engagements, articles and interviews raises awareness.
  • Run Ads: Consider LinkedIn ads or targeted Google Ads focused on your niche to connect with prospects.
  • Offer Free Value: Provide free webinars, downloads, resources and advice to attract potential clients and demonstrate expertise.
  • Go Niche: Join niche communities and forums (ex. for startups, doctors, fashion businesses) to connect with prospects.
  • Get Introduced: Contact people you know who have access to clients and ask them to make connections.
  • Promote On Social Media: Posting regularly on platforms your audience uses like Twitter/LinkedIn helps you get discovered.
  • Cold Call/Email: Cold outreach can work when tailored and personalized, but focus on warmer lead sources first.
  • Partner: Team up and cross-promote services with complementary providers like web developers to expand reach.

It takes consistent, creative outreach and networking to get that first paying client. Provide free value, capitalize on existing connections and don’t get discouraged. Once you have a few clients with results under your belt, it gets much easier.

10 Ways to Market Your Consulting Business Online

Beyond getting early clients, you need an ongoing strategy to market your consulting services online. Here are 10 effective tactics to promote a consulting business on the internet:

1. Create Content Uncovering Problems You Can Solve

Publish blog posts, videos, whitepapers revealing common issues your prospects face and how your services can help overcome them.

2. Network in LinkedIn Groups

Join relevant LinkedIn Groups to connect with potential clients. Engage regularly by answering questions, sharing insights and resources.

3. Optimize Your Website for SEO

Enhance your site with keywords, meta descriptions, headings, page speed, strong URL structures and linking to boost traffic from Google.

4. Build Your Email List

Email marketing enables you to consistently nurture leads. Offer free value in exchange for emails with signup forms and lead magnets.

5. Host Webinars or Podcasts

Position yourself as an industry expert by teaching and informing your audience through webinars and podcast interviews.

6. Share Case Studies and Success Stories

Solid social proof on your services’ past results and client successes makes prospects more likely to hire you.

7. Speak at Industry Events

Getting speaking slots at niche conferences builds your brand and connects you with engaged prospects.

8. Guest Blog and Contribute Quotes

Reaching new audiences by contributing expert posts and quotes to industry websites and media outlets.

9. Run Paid Ads

Promote your consulting through targeted Facebook, LinkedIn and Google Ads to reach more of your ideal audience.

10. Foster Referrals

Ask satisfied clients for introductions, testimonials and referrals to tap into their networks.

By actively implementing diverse online marketing activities, you can attract more visitors, leads and clients to continuously grow your consulting business.

10 Tips for Delivering Excellent Consulting to Clients

Providing an amazing experience and stellar work product is crucial to succeeding in consulting long-term. Here are top tips for delivering exceptional consulting services:

1. Actively Listen

Ask probing questions and int

1. Actively Listen

Ask probing questions and intently listen to clients to fully understand their situations before making recommendations.

2. Set Clear Expectations

Be very clear with clients upfront on project scope, your responsibilities, their responsibilities, timeline, access needed, fees, terms, etc.

3. Under-Promise and Over-Deliver

Exceed client expectations by surpassing timelines, providing additional value, follow-ups, and going above the scope agreed.

4. Provide Strategic Value

Don’t just complete tasks – provide strategic insights and recommendations tailored to helping clients achieve goals and solve problems.

5. Present Professionally

Present deliverables and advice clearly and visually. Proofread for errors. Brand assets consistently. Speak confidently.

6. Check In Regularly

Proactively communicate with clients to give updates, ask if they need anything, and confirm work is aligned with expectations.

7. Be Responsive

Reply to client inquiries promptly and keep them in the loop. Being responsive builds trust and positive relationships.

8. Track and Measure Results

Analyze key metrics on the impact of your consulting to showcase the value delivered and ROI.

9. Follow Up

After project completion, follow up to ensure clients are satisfied, see if they need anything else, request referrals and talk next steps.

10. Get Feedback

Ask clients for feedback on what you did well and could improve so you can continuously enhance consulting quality.

Consistently delivering high-quality work and amazing client service leads to satisfied clients, referrals, repeat business and a stellar reputation.

Frequently Asked Questions About Online Consulting

What skills are required for consulting online?

Key skills needed for successful online consulting include communication, strategic thinking, project management, technical abilities in your niche, marketing/sales and strong work ethic.

How much can I charge for online consulting?

Pricing varies based on your niche, experience level and type of service, but $50-$150 per hour or $1,000-$5,000 per project is common. Established consultants often charge $200-$500+ per hour.

How do I attract my first consulting clients?

Reaching out to your existing network, getting referrals, running ads, publishing helpful content, public speaking and offering free value added services are great ways to land initial clients.

Should I offer fixed or hourly pricing?

Offering set packages for defined consulting deliverables is often best rather than only hourly. But you can include hourly components within packaged offerings.

How should I promote my consulting business?

Content marketing, SEO, email, social media, speaking, networking, referrals and ads are all effective ways to promote and market your consulting services online.

What legal protections should I have as an online consultant?

You may want to form a legal entity like an LLC and should have contracts, insurance, disclaimer clauses, and intellectual property protections. Consult a lawyer.

How can I provide value as a consultant beyond advice?

You can provide additional value to clients through implementation support, coaching, assessments, templates, tools, introductions to your network and ongoing availability for questions.

How can I stand out from other consultants?

Offer niche expertise, provide quantifiable results, impressive past client logos, free value added services, strong testimonials, thought leadership content and highly responsive communication.

How do I scale my online consulting practice?

You can scale by raising rates, expanding services, hiring subcontractors or junior staff, developing digital products, pursuing publicity, partnering strategically, and mining existing clients for referrals.

How can I get testimonials and reviews from clients?

Ask satisfied clients if they’d be willing to provide a brief written or video testimonial detailing their experience and results working with you.


Launching a lucrative online consulting business leveraging your skills and expertise is an exciting entrepreneurial pursuit. You can be your own boss, work flexibly from anywhere, and help others while earning great income.

Follow the steps outlined in this guide – identify your niche, develop offerings, effectively market yourself, deliver excellence to clients and continuously expand your business over time.

With hard work and consistency, you can build a freedom-granting and meaningful consultancy online. The world needs your expertise – get out there and share it!

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